Hello all! I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time now. When I stared researching how to create a music blog I read that sticking to just one genre was the way to go. However, since my musical tastes are all over the board I knew that was not going to be possible. As I write this I still do not really know what format this blog will eventually turn into to. Maybe that will be the fun in it. Watching it evolve into something great. I do know that I would like to post things like album releases, album recommendations, music news and so forth. I would like to re-visit music from the past and generate an interest in artists and recordings many of you may or may not have heard of. Many great artists and albums get lost in the swarm of releases each month. I plan on bringing some attention to them along with drifting back in time and reviewing the quintessential artists and albums that have been so instrumental in shaping music over the years. I would love any input any of you may have. I have been listening, reading and collecting music for over 30 years. Through this blog I would love to share some of it with all of you. Please visit often and if you like what you see please tell your friends about it. Music is love.. Enjoy!


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